Spionhistoria som utspelas på två
parallella plan i en alternativ verklighet

Eva Engstrand, 2024

Measures: 13 x 18 cm 
Pages: 36
Technique: Risoprint, Digital images (vector graphic), Handbound, Softcover
Edition: 8

This book contains two parallell stories about the adventures of a secret agent whose mission is to uncover the secret system of alternative facts.

In the main story the agent, using an invisibility cloak, manages to enter the the other world and moves from one challenging situation to the other - a border control police, a horde of tourists, a philosophical garden, an intimidating tower, a complicated war ship, a mesmerising party and finally standing in front of the brain behind all things hoping to uncover the truth. As often is the case, the truth is disappointing.

The parallell story is a verse in rhymes trying to boost the confidence of the secret agent - or maybe the confidence of the writer.

This fantasy story started with the images. I had no idea how to connect them. At the time I read some of John Le Carré’s stories about Smiley, MI5 and secret agents and suddenly I had a theme. The writing started and the separate images moved into a coherent line. At least so I think.