Ceremoniella hallucinationer
med anledning av en kröning

Eva Engstrand, 2023

Measures: 10 x 14 cm
Pages: 36
Technique: Risoprint, Digital images (vector graphic), Handbound, Softcover
Edition: 8

In this little book I express my bewilderment caused by the bizarre spectacle of the royal coronation of king Charles. In ten rhyming verses I outline instructions for how to stage a similar - maybe slightly skewed - ceremony. How to set up a gate to welcome the guests. How to find a head to crown. How to hire a guard. How to separate the elite from the people. How to use PR. How to make a procession of carriages and animals. How to hire a band and find the eloquent speakers and finally how to measure time and set the alarm clock.

The story grew out of vectorgraphic experiments with line patterns and moiré effects. The images came first in no particular order. Then by following the news of the days and contemplating on this crazy world the theme presented itself and I started writing. And rhyming. And there was order.