Amanda Nyberg, Charlotta Lind, Emma Ståhl, Hugo Hernqvist, Madelein, Olsén Ingefeldt, Maja Oldefors, Ninni Nylén, 2021

Technique: Laser print on paper
Pages: 35
Edition: 4 

Four issues have been published since the newspaper's birth in 2021, with a fifth one currently in the making. Each issue deals with a different theme.

Lösningsmedlet is like any other magazine. It consists of everything from art reviews and horoscopes to investigative journalism, public service announcements, rumors and lies. The content ranges from serious to ridiculous. Lösningsmedlet strives to poke fun at the conventions it is working within.
In times of alienation, individualisation, and defunct printmaking workshops there is an ever growing need for investigative journalism and mediocre art. Lösningsmedlet subsequently considers itself as ideologically deprived and an independently co-dependent newspaper.