Some Have Stayed at Least One Night at My Place, or I Have Stayed at Theirs
Aula Studio and Giacomo Colombo, 2021

Measures: 22 x 31 cm
Pages: 15 loose sheets
Technique: Favini Astralux Label 90g, Colorplan Marrs Green 350g
Edition: 50

A project by Laura Fusaro and Edoardo Ferrari
Photography Giacomo Colombo
Proofreding Warren Bartolo

The project shapes itself from conversations and discussions about how we do research and how we look at things. Our aim is not to showcase the books, but rather to display our approach towards them.

The project is a spontaneous collection of pictures of sculptures made with the books from our library. The photographs are combined with a series of texts, that clarify the process and the aim of the project. Collecting and displaying are related to stirring a conversation towards a start, an attempt to build and to activate a process. To publish as well means to build an idea.