A Dialogue Between Myself and the Landscape
RE: Laurens Rohlfs & Mari Mattsson, 2021

Measures: 20 x 26,5 cm
Pages:  76 + fold-in cover
Technique: Inlay: Digital print on 100g Scandia 2000 naturvit, Cover: Digital print on 250g Arctic Silk, Bookmarks: Laser cut 180g cardboard paper.
Edition: 120
Language: English, Norwegian, Swedish
Edited by Laurens Rohlfs and Mari Mattsson

RE is an artist's book project initiated by Laurens Rohlfs and Mari Mattsson, that explores how artistic practices can resonate and be represented in the book format. A Dialogue Between Myself and the Landscape is inspired by Ana Mendieta´s thoughts on her earth/body-sculptures (1972-85). As the title suggests, the assembled works in this edition contemplate and experience bodily, political, distant, personal, digital, ever-changing relationships with landscapes.

Participating artist: Annie Holm (SE), Eli Mai Huang Nesse (NO), Sofia Zwahlen (SE), Philip Dufva (SE), Salad Hilowle (SE), Elvira Modesty Mattsson (DE), Soni Sagan (SE), tm (SE), Eirik Falckner (NO), Madeleine Andersson (DK), Malin Norberg (SE), Oskar Enetjärn (SE)