Sunniva Hestenes

The zine BAD LUCK BABY is a part of a bigger installation presented at Røda Sten Konsthall where graffiti, destruction and printing mistakes dominate the zine's final outcome. The publication consists of a standard edition of 100 zines and a special edition of 13. The special editions are unique, where each zine has a handwritten statement, different paper, a printed inkjet photograph taped to the inside, as well as patterns made with a marker on the outside.

The zine was made with a somewhat reckless approach where every mistake is included. We can see handmade collages, sketches from tattoo flashes, spray paint textures on paper, handwritten text as well as photographs hinting at a fast-paced and consequence-free lifestyle.
The zine is in its entirety a homage to destructivity both as a tool for processing material, but also as a desperate way of coping with being alive.

Measures: 25 x 19,5 cm