Blind Atlas
Eva-Teréz Gölin, Joel Hurlburt & Timo Menke, 2022
Blackbook Publications

Measures: 14,5 x 21 cm / 59 x 42 cm (folded / unfolded as a poster)
Pages: 8 (+ 2 unfolded as a poster)
Technique: Indigo (Digital Offset)

The zine Blind Atlas is one of many results of an ongoing collaboration between Eva-Teréz Gölin and artist duo Joel Hurlburt & Timo Menke and is rooted in an increasingly algorithmic worldview that we now navigate as our second nature. Photographic processes and cinematic works approach each other from intersecting point of views, between artist duo and individual artist, between machine and human, between photography and moving image, between spaces and corporeality. Both found and fabricated material is processed with alternately alienating and world-building approaches.

Blind Atlas features visual and narrative works in progress coalesced into a folded poster resembling a cartographic brochure. Its very folding presents a seemingly endless text named Expeditionen till den mörka ön – Utdrag ur loggboken by Timo Menke, which further elaborates Joel Hurlburt’s & Timo Menke’s concept of dark island as a metaphorical topography of perception.
While this text can be paged through in linear order, the photographic works Konturer 4000-4029 by Eva-Teréz Gölin and Sjökortet by Joel Hurlburt literally unfold into a bigger picture on each side of the poster. In addition to the endless folding structure a center cut allows for the poster/brochure to be navigated as a geometrical space with both sides visible.

A video of the zine:

Expeditionen till den mörka ön. – Utdrag ur loggboken
By Timo Menke

Konturer 4000-4029 by Eva-Teréz Gölin
Sjökortet by Joel Hurlburt