Pridna bod
Iza Štrumbelj, 2022
Measures: 27 x 19cm
Pages: 56
Edition: 10 in two variants

The artist mainly works within performative practices, organizing events, to create memories and experiences. This time, she turns her gaze back and photograph becomes a substitute for memory, a reminder for the present and future, as the reminiscence is a current state, a projection backwards that has passed into a material object here.

She has printed zine in edition of 10 to give one to each friend involved. This will enable them to recollect past happenings together, which enhances the emotional experience.
The title could be translated to ‘be nice, be kind, be good’, which is what grandmother always tells her when she says goodbye. The content of the zine coincides with a period full of change, self-discovery, exciting events and painful turning points.