Rosa Rugosa VRESROS
Johanna Sevholt, 2023

Measures: 12 x 20 cm
Pages: 20
Technique: Risograph printed with aqua, pink, red and
yellow on munken print creme 100gsm and colorit rosa 80 gsm. Typface Cortado and Bodoni 72 Oldstyle.
Edition: 20

The idea behind the zine was to explore my connection in words to the plant Rosa Rugosa, a bush that spans the west coast of Sweden. I wanted to take on the role of an explorer reflecting on the mark it has left on the landscape as well as on my
memory. Rosa Rugosa is one of the plants that last summer was deemed invasive and will soon start to be extinguished. As I have been thinking about it in connection to my childhood, it has started to take on the shape of an invasive memory making
me unsure of where in my mind it actually exists.

The zine consist of two images of the flower from my childhood home, two cut out images, a collage, five zoomed in scans in the riso of parts that I picked last summer and two texts.