Thank you for considering contributing with your publication to the Take 10 Library!


Take 10 Press is a project dedicated to showcasing self-published, DIY, and independently published works with a focus on image-based publications, prioritizing photographic and collage-based practices.

Please take a moment to review the submission guidelines:

- Your publication should be self-published, DIY, or published by an independent publishing house.

- Your publication should primarily feature images (better if photographic or where photography is blended with other media). You can apply with self-published photobooks, photozines, experimental publications... 

- Text can be present but not as the main and sole source of information.

- You can send more than one publication but given scope of the library you will have to send only one copy of each publication. If you want to sell your work (publications, prints, other printed matter...) please contact

Remember that once you submit your publication(s) they will become part of
Take 10 Press Library

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