dammen jeg granerne
Amalie Rugård Jensen, 2023

Measures: 20 x 15 cm
Technique: Laser print, Photopolymer printed, Hand stitched
Edition: 6

This small publication called dammen jeg granerne (The pond, I, the firs) is related to a project about a human I walking into the forest, hoping to be a part of something, but forgetting to take into account that the beings of the forest might not want to have anything to do with a human. It consists of a series of monologues from the forest: the I, the pond, the firs etc., and images of different origin: my own analogue and digital photos from the forest of Nordmarka in Oslo and objects made from wood from this area, and the photos of Hanna Resvoll-Holmsen, a Norwegian botanist from the beginning of the 1900s. The images together with the text form a mysterious narrative with no definite answers to the question: what does the forest think of you?